Atm Review


A good edge of your seat movie. Scary in parts. Would recommend it to scare your friends. View the trailer here ——>


Riddick coming out in 2013!!


OMG! When I found out about this I was jumping off the walls in EXCITEMENT I just can’t wait to see Vin Diesel back in this role. This is the best character he has written as you feel for Riddick the “Furyan“. They started filming last year so I read that it will be out in the US September time so I just can’t wait 😀


House at the end of the street 2012 Review

House at the end of the street

I felt I would watch this by myself not in the dark though ha. House at the end of the street is a nail bitten, pillow hugging film but I have got tough over the years because my dad is a MASSIVE slasher, horror, thriller & zombie fan so when I was little I was brought up with IT film(that why I’ve got Coulrophobia-clown phobia). But this is a great film to watch and if you want to check out the trailer before watching click here:

Zoe xx


Machine Gun Preacher 2011 Review


Look what me & my partner watched today.

Machine Gun Preacher is based on a true story it’s about an American bad guy turn good by Faith called Sam Chilers(played by Gerard Butler). It’s the best film have seen from 2011 as I loved how Gerard Butler played the character so well he made you feel that you was there with him. I was crying all the way through it I feel so sorry for the guy what he went through and my heart goes out to the guy. It’s lovely what he done for Suddam.
If you want to check the trailer out here it is for you: