Movie a day challenge Day 06 Taken 2


I have heard so much negative about this film that it aint that good as the first one. But I disagree I feel this is great in parts and not in others like there is always a happy ever after at the end of the film. I know bad guys also gets what they deserve but I feel that Liam Nesson should get more bloody he’s not invincible. I’m not saying he aint a great actor as I love him in Batman Begins with Christian Bale as the villain πŸ™‚

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Movie a day challenge Day 05 – Limitless


I felt this film was action packed and you felt you wouldn’t mind taking the tablet he took so you can work all your brain. But I knew there was going to be a side effect to it as there aint also a happy storyline.

Bradley Cooper is a great actor the first film I saw him in was The hangover but I feel this is more a film where he showed more talent and you felt for the character he was playing.

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Movie a day challenge Day 03 Paul


I know way behind with blogging/reviewing about films. It’s just been busy and also not been feeling to good but I still watch the films.

This film is funny from start. I feel this is better then the other 2 films I watched Silent hill – revelation and Valentine’s day. I love how they made the alien ‘Paul’ so human like with hes habits and they way he said things. I feel these two actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost they are great comedians and they work off each other.

It reminded me of E.T but with a rude attitude but you gotta love him. I wouldn’t mind seeing what Simon Pegg and Nick Frost got next to film together I cant wait!!

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Safe Haven

So want to watch this I am mad on Nicholas Sparks I so want all the books. I’ve wrote all them down and plan to collect most of them πŸ˜€

Nicholas Sparks Book Collection

The notebook, Message in a bottle, A walk to remember, The rescue, A bend in the road, Nights in Rodantha, The guardian, The wedding, A memoir three weeks with my brother by Nicholas & Micah Sparks, True believer, At first sight, Dear John, The choice, The lucky one, The last song, Safe haven & The best of me.

I know what a GEEK but I’m waiting to check out the local Charity shops as I found The Nanny Diaries(what was made into a film) also I got Twilight Saga: New Moon I was like WOW I’m grabbing that what bargains I find I feel well chuffed :D.

Movie a Day Challenge – Day 01 Silent Hill Revelation


Oh yes! I thought I choose a scary one to watch first, but personally it didn’t scare me much as the first one. But there is parts where you like wow what good CGI(Computer-generated imagery). I feel that I would need to watch it again to get the storyline, as it’s too complicated my simple mind ha. But you gotta think who wrote this story is well awesome I wish I could thought it up and make a film myself. I just read up about the guy who directed/wrote this hes name is Michael J. Bassett hes a English screenwriter and this is what he looks likeImage

He as done plenty of films I’ve seen like Solomon Kane, Deathwatch and Wilderness. They are all awesome films and can’t wait to see what he brings out next.Β 

Just go with it 2011 Review

ImageJust go with itΒ 
I love Adam Sandler’s films hes great in this film, I can’t say it about all hes films the only one I didn’t like was Grown ups it just didn’t grab me. Jennifer Anniston was also great in this film she showed her old Rachel(friends) side of her. She didn’t look like she was acting she played the character great. Just knew the story ending that they fall in love and end up with each other but they deserve it.

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Something Borrowed 2011 Review

ImageSomething borrowed was a heartfelt film it got me from the start. My eyes was so glued to the screen it felt I was Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) going through her emotions with Dex (Colin Egglesfield) but Darcy (Kate Hudson) came and took him away you felt like shouting at the screen and telling Rachel to tell Dex what she really felt about him back in college but she pushed her feeling aside, she felt that Rachel always win everything and why would Dex choose her but deep down he felt the same way awwwwww. But then come along Ethan (John Krasinski) who was in love with Rachel and you felt she would say sod Dex and choose the one who really cared for her and not keep not telling Darcy what he truly felt for Rachel. But no poor Ethan was left alone I wanted to know what happened to him. Darcy got her happy ever after with being pregnant with the weirdo Marcus (Steve Howey) and Rachel got with Dex.

I also felt this film was going to be a modern story of Calamity Jane with Doris Day and Howard Keel. Where she chooses the guy who was also there beside her to listen to all her problems and feelings for another guy but it didn’t turn out that way. Oh well it was a GREAT film and it grabbed me.


Pitch Perfect 2012 Review

ImageI’ve seen so many dance movies I’ve got the full collection from Save the last dance to Step up but I thought why not watch this, it reminds me of Glee but I feel this is better then that series I’m not a fan of Glee. I love how they brought the comedy into it as most the dance movies are all to serious sometimes.

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