Safe Haven

So want to watch this I am mad on Nicholas Sparks I so want all the books. I’ve wrote all them down and plan to collect most of them 😀

Nicholas Sparks Book Collection

The notebook, Message in a bottle, A walk to remember, The rescue, A bend in the road, Nights in Rodantha, The guardian, The wedding, A memoir three weeks with my brother by Nicholas & Micah Sparks, True believer, At first sight, Dear John, The choice, The lucky one, The last song, Safe haven & The best of me.

I know what a GEEK but I’m waiting to check out the local Charity shops as I found The Nanny Diaries(what was made into a film) also I got Twilight Saga: New Moon I was like WOW I’m grabbing that what bargains I find I feel well chuffed :D.


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